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Denise Meinstad, a 2008 Golden Heart® inspirational finalist, would love to see the world. Although she hasn’t been able to head for anticipated European destinations, she has seen much of the United States thanks to Romance Writers of America®, having attended the past sixteen RWA® national conferences.

By day Denise works for a government agency where she’s sworn to secrecy, but by night she unlocks her creativity and writes emotionally charged romances.

Denise lives on six wooded acres in Minnesota with her husband and her cat, Mocha. This time of year she loves to sit outside gently swaying in her porch swing as she gazes upon her flower garden and plots her next scene.

I invite you to learn more about this fun, friendly woman who is perseverance personified. Denise began writing romances forty years ago and has been actively pursuing publication for nearly two decades.

Because Denise loves flowers, everyone who leaves a comment for her on August 14th will be entered in the drawing for a box of Fun ‘n Flowers note cards. See photo at the end of the post.

Your first book was a mystery written at age thirteen. What led you to start writing romances later in life? Are there elements of mystery in your stories?

I started writing romances at about sixteen, and I suppose it came about naturally because I loved watching romance on television and listening to rock music like the Beach Boys. I like mystery and romance together because it makes for a more complex plot. It gives you the opportunity to get even closer to the characters because they are emotionally involved as well as wrapped up in their situation. I used to love reading thick books because if I became attached to the characters, I didn’t want to let them go.

You began work on This Time Forever ten years ago and entered the manuscript in several contests where you placed six times. Then two years ago you did some revisions, finaled in the 2008 Golden Heart and got a request from a GH judge. What was it about this particular story that kept you going back to it? Have you heard anything from that judge?

I began working on This Time Forever again as I really loved that story and my writing has greatly improved since I first wrote it. I made some changes in the plot and started submitting it to my critique group—who, by the way, are my toughest critics, but also my greatest supporters.

To date I haven’t heard anything as a result of the judge’s request, but I plan to start submitting to agents, beginning with the two requests I received from agents I met at the RWA conference.

This Time Forever was a finalist in the inspirational category of the Golden Heart. What led you to write for the inspirational market?

I really wanted to write romances that focused more on the emotional relationship than the physical attraction between my characters. Don’t get me wrong. There is lots of sexual tension between my hero and heroine. There just aren’t any graphic descriptions. I could never write a romance where the hero and heroine fall in love without any sexual attraction. The challenge lies in getting it right without getting graphic—making the hero so irresistible that you skim the pages to find the good part where he (finally!) kisses her.

Faith has always played a part in my life, and when the inspirational market began to take off I knew that was where I belonged. My characters are (flawed, but) good people who have bad things happen to them. Their faith and determination not to fail keeps them going until they triumph.

You’ve been a member of RWA and two local chapters for many years. What role have your chapter mates played in your successes to date?

I’ve been a member of RWA and Midwest Fiction Writers since October 1990. I belong to Midwest Fiction Writers and Northern Lights Writers. I attend the Northern Lights meetings as they are held at the local library, only fifteen minutes from my house. Our chapter is tiny (twelve members,) but we love the intimacy of a small group, and we are all very supportive of each other.

The night of the Golden Heart awards ceremony, my Northern Lights chapter mates got together for a party to cheer me on and watch the results of the winners on the Internet. I couldn’t ask for a better group! However, I still have a lot of very good friends at MFW and look forward to attending their Fall Harvest Workshop (featuring Donald Maas) in Minneapolis on September 27th. I also belong to Faith, Hope and Love and The Golden Network where I have met some really great people as well.

My writing partners, both members of Northern Lights, are Lori Ness (w/a Christine Arness) and LuAnn Nies. Lori and I have been critiquing together since 1994, and Lu joined us a couple years ago. They both have different writing strengths and give me good advice when I get off track. They are a dynamite team! Lori has published two books, and LuAnn has published one. I value their advice.

Wow! You’ve had a critique partner for fourteen years. It’s clear your relationship works well. What advice would you offer those seeking a CP?

You have to trust and respect your critique partners, so I would advise anyone looking to form a critique group to look for people with whom they can develop a close relationship. I’ve been in other groups, but they didn’t last for one reason or another (lack of interest, clashing personalities, too much EGO).

I just attended my first Nationals, but you’ve been sixteen times. Amazing! Is there one conference that stands out? Did being a GH finalist this year make a difference?

Two conferences stand out—my first one in Chicago in 1992 and the one in Hawaii. My first conference was a book in itself (a comedy!) My husband and teenage daughter threw a fit when I said I wanted to go to Chicago for a weekend with my writing friends. Then I threw a fit because writing is important to me, and I never get to go anywhere by myself. You know the drill! They started to feel guilty and said I should go, so then I started to feel guilty and insisted they come with. Oh, no. They couldn’t possibly do that! It took them about one minute to reconsider, and from there the trip became a type of Griswold Family Adventure.

The Hawaii trip started out almost the same way. Steve said he had no interest in Hawaii and didn’t want to go. Hey—I was going if I had to hitchhike on a dolphin! When he realized I’d really go without him, he took about fifteen minutes to think it over. He planned the trip. We spent two weeks there on the cheap. (Yes, it is possible.) Steve is now a travel agent and talks about going back all the time.

Me with Denise (center) and Kit Wilkinson, 2008 GH inspirational winner

Me (Keli Gwyn) with Denise in the middle and Kit Wilkinson, 2008 Golden Heart inspirational winner, on the right.

This year I spent less time at the conference than usual as I had so many fun functions to attend, (but I did buy the CD so I could still listen to the workshops.) However, the RWA national conference is the best weekend of the year! You meet up with friends from all over the country who want to talk about nothing but writing. It’s a really great time. I usually go through my conference schedule and workshop booklet ahead of time so I have the conference pretty well planned out before I get there. I used to come home with a suitcase full of books, but I have an entire room full of books that I haven’t yet read, so for the last couple years I’ve restrained myself (somewhat 🙂 .)

By day you work for the Department of Homeland Security. By night you write. Does working for that agency generate ideas that weave themselves into your stories? What are other sources of inspiration?

The DHS is an exciting place to work, but most of what I deal with is SSI (Sensitive Security Information,) so it stays at work when I leave. I am a contractor, and my contract ends on September 30. For the first time in my life I will find myself unemployed. For some reason, it is almost as exciting as being a GH finalist. I’m taking the entire month of October to SLEEP, clean my house and start a new book. I can’t wait!!

I find that just about anything can inspire me—music, movies, magazines and newspaper articles, commercials. Mostly my stories come about through a kernel of an idea that starts to grow in my mind and soon becomes a complex novel.

What do you like to do when you aren’t writing?

I read, go to movies, travel and garden. I’d love to see the entire world, but for now I’d settle for Italy or the British Isles. In the summer, I love being outside in my porch swing in full view of my flower garden. I love driving trips across the Rocky Mountains and anywhere in California.

You’ve been writing for many years. How do you deal with the hills and valleys of a writer’s life?

First, I get some sleep. When I get discouraged, it’s usually because I’m tired and my life is crazy. I keep trying to slow my life down, but it is a daily battle. But then I’m preaching to the choir! Writers seem to be the busiest people I know. If I get stuck or feel down about a rejection, my critique group is the best place to find a little sympathy and a lot of support. They know what I’m going through.

In closing, what advice would you offer others on the road to publication?

Writers need other writers, whether they meet online, at a conference or in a group setting. Your best advice and encouragement comes from others in your field.

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19 Responses to Meet Writer Denise Meinstad

  1. keligwyn says:



    I’m delighted to have another of my fellow inspirational GH finalists visit. I enjoyed meeting you at Nationals and learning more about you as we put together your interview.

  2. Renee Ryan says:

    Wow, Denise. Your persistence and lovely attitude and dedication to your craft are a true inspiration for us all. Congratulations on winning the GH. That manuscript must be amazing. I pray your win turns into a sale so I can read it!


  3. Denise Meinstad says:

    Hi, Kelly! I had a great time at RWA National and enjoyed meeting so many new people, especially you and Kit Wilkinson. Thank you for hosting me on your blog today.

  4. Denise Meinstad says:

    Hi, Renee! I didn’t win the Golden Heart Inspirational category. Kit Wilkinson went home with that honor and I’m truly happy for her. However, just being a finalist has been an awesome experience in itself. I made a lot of new friends and had a really great time. The 2008 GH Pixies rock! Now that I’m back home, I’m submitting my manuscript to several agents and editors and planning my next book. Getting back to reality !

  5. Hi Denise! Wow, you’ve been writing for 40 years and 16 conferences and you’re so young and sprite! I loved talking with you in S.F. And I’ll never forget our dessert binge after the awards ceremony. What fun! You are truly an inspiration and I’m so glad you’re going to get some sleep in the month of October! Have fun with your new book. I’m so glad you’re a pixie! The pixie chicks are a special group, that’s for sure.

  6. Anne Barton says:

    Denise, I agree with Theresa. You look WAY too young to have been writing for 40 years. 🙂

    It was great to meet you in San Fran, and I loved learning more about your journey today.

  7. Renee Ryan says:


    Oops. Hey, I’ve always said that a final in the GH is the same thing as winning. So you are a winner. Go, Denise, GO! 😉


  8. So Denise has been writing since she was a baby? 🙂

    Very inspiring, Denise! Wow, 40 years and 16 conferences. I wish I’d gotten to talk with you more in SF! I had to run out of the reception for a pitch appointment, and after the RITAs I had to take pics with my chapter mates. Totally missed all the fun. Oh, and of course the fun on Friday when the Pixies went to dinner! I was getting ready for the Harlequin Party. Can’t wait to have a reunion in DC next year!

    Thanks for sharing your journey. 🙂

  9. Denise Meinstad says:

    Yes, Theresa, it was fun cramming all of that sugar at the dessert reception, especially those little lemon meringue tarts. I will look for them again next year in DC . I loved all the fuss they made over us as finalists, but I want to go to national next year as a published author. Amen!

  10. Denise Meinstad says:

    Anne, I am 57 and I have been writing since I turned 13, but I’ve had a passion for books since I learned to read. I read my way through most of my classes in high school and managed to pass each grade anyway. It has been a long journey to where I am now as I have taken many detours along the way (marriage, kids, full time career). My kids are grown now and I don’t care about the career anymore. All I want to do is stay home and write. My FT job is going away in 6 weeks and I’m so happy, I can’t wait! I will have to get another job, but I’m taking the month of October as a self-imposed vacation. (Don’t tell my husband.)

  11. Denise Meinstad says:

    Renee, you are so right. Being a finalist has opened many doors for me and for that I am both excited and grateful.

  12. Denise Meinstad says:

    Lynn, I didn’t get to meet a lot of the other finalists, either, even though we were all together at times. However, we at least have blogs like this (thank you, Keli!) and our GH loop to get to know each other better through this coming year. I regret that I don’t post much, but I do read every email and comment in my head!

  13. Sue Mason says:

    Hey Denise, one of my fellow inspirational finalists,

    Wonderful interview! Since I wasn’t able to be in S.F., it’s great to get to know you better now.

    I am so envying you a whole month off! Even though I only work outside the home part-time, my family keeps me hopping!

    Your story gives the rest of us hope and inspiration to keep on trying.



  14. C.J. Redwine says:

    What a wonderful interview, Denise! I really loved meeting you in San Fran. And I’m so inspired by your persistence. (and yes, by your top secret job…)

    You are living proof that persistence pays off. 🙂

  15. Denise Meinstad says:

    Susan, thank you for stopping by. Perhaps we can meet up next year in DC. I wish you the best of luck in selling your finalist manuscript, Pixie!

  16. Denise Meinstad says:

    C.J., it was great seeing you on Sunday at Mel’s. I wish we would have had more time during the conference to chat, too. I totally spaced out on the Pixie luncheon. Not next year! I want to meet up with all of the Pixies and see what everyone is doing. I promise to keep in touch through Facebook and the GH loop.

  17. Keli Gwyn says:

    Lovely to see so many familiar faces here today. And welcome Renee. Thank you all for stopping by. I can tell from your comments that you find Denise’s story every bit as inspiring as I did. And she’s lots of fun, too. Love her warm laugh.

    It’s time for the first drawing. My daughter and her fancy random-number-generating calculator are still at school, so I decided to award the first prize to the first person to post a comment.

    Congrats, Renee! That would be you. 🙂

  18. Hi Denise,

    It was lovely meeting you in SF. I can’t wait until you sell. You definitely deserve it. 🙂

  19. Denise Meinstad says:

    Hi, Carla. Thank you so much again for the statue with the golden heart.

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