Saturday Special: Caroline Fyffe Sold!

I’m excited to have Caroline Fyffe return as my guest. When she appeared on September 21st, she was a not-yet-published writer without an agent. She’s now a debut author with a contract offer from Dorchester who landed her “dream agent,” Mary Sue Seymour, as a result of her sale!

Caroline is one creative lady. By day her talents lie in taking award-winning photographs of horses. This equine photographer’s work has graced the pages of several national magazines. By night she pens romances and will see her first book on the shelves just nine months from now.

I met Caroline briefly during the Awards Ceremony at RWA® Nationals in San Francisco when we flanked my fellow 2008 Golden Heart finalist and Caroline’s critique partner, Theresa Regan, in the first row of the reserved seating. I’ve since gotten to know Caroline better through our local chapter, the Sacramento Valley Rose. She lives not too far from me, and we were able to do lunch this past week. I got to witness the glow from her recent sale firsthand.

All of those who leave a comment for Caroline will be entered in a drawing. The winner will receive an elegant motivational bookmark. (See photo at the bottom of this post.)

I’m sure you’re eager to hear more about Caroline’s long-awaited first sale, so here she is.

Caroline Fyffe

Caroline Fyffe

•Wow, Caroline! When you were here as my guest on September 22nd did you ever expect to be back so soon as an agented debut author with a contract offer on the table? Would you give us a quick summary of what took place in the weeks following the interview and leading up to that life-changing phone call?

Never! Never expected it in a million-zillion years!!! First off, about ten days before I did the interview with you I found out I had won the TARA and that Leah Hultenschmidt, the final round judge had requested the full—by e-mail. I was thrilled. Everything in this business seems to take so long that when I heard e-mail, I about flipped. It also made me feel like she couldn’t wait to read it. So, off it went on the 10th of September.

As I went about my days, the fact that Leah requested by e-mail and responded saying she was looking forward to reading the story, gave me great hope for the first time ever. I typed out her name in 48 point type and printed it out. I then put the paper on my sofa table under a cross I have there, and every time I passed it I would say her name out loud several times and pray for a sale.

Then on October 2nd off I flew to Kentucky to visit my sister. Little did I know that on October 9th, less than a month after sending it off, Leah called but was cut off by my machine!! Yes, isn’t that horrible!! I know this because later she told me so. She also left an e-mail that I wouldn’t see until my return!!

•But you did eventually get The Call! I was so excited when you emailed me to share the big news. As everyone who visits my blog soon learns, I love to hear Call stories. Would you please share yours?

I was still in Kentucky with two of my sisters and one cousin. We had just been to a funeral mass, and when I got in the car and looked at my cell there was a number I didn’t recognize. Hmmm. I called it. Well, after repeating the name, Leah Hultenschmidt over and over, as many times as I had in the past month, I started to hyperventilate when I heard her name. My sisters didn’t know what to think. I told them it was an editor from New York, and we all cheered.

Now, I wasn’t certain yet it was, “The Call,” because she only asked me to call her. So, I left a message on her phone that now I did indeed have my phone with me. We went to a restaurant and tried to have lunch, but I was on pins and needles. Well, she didn’t keep me waiting too long. She called soon after that and was the nicest, sweetest person in the world. I ordered a bottle of champagne and we toasted to Leah!!

Caroline receives "kisses" for making her first sale from Savramento Valley Rose president Cari Gunsallus.

Caroline receives "kisses" for making her first sale from Sacramento Valley Rose RWA president Cari Gunsallus.

•You got The Call and life as you knew it changed. I’ve gathered your plate suddenly became very full as you embarked on your new career as a published author. Would you please share with us what’s going on now, what you’ve been learning and how you’re adjusting to living with deadlines?

Life indeed has changed. One thing, the slot she gave my book is August 2009, a mere nine months away. Right away we started working on the cover. Leah was happy to tell me (because she knew I am a horse photographer and equine lover) that she got a good-looking cowboy riding his horse through beautiful foliage and flowers!!! I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. LOL!

And, we changed the name from The Jingle of Spurs to Where The Wind Blows. I LOVE the new title. For me it just really tells a lot about its hero, loner Chase Logan.

The deal was recently posted on Dorchester’s blog, Romantic Reads, so the sale is starting to feel real. Here’s what they had to say:

Caroline Fyffe – WHERE THE WIND BLOWS, coming in August 2009, is a poignant and heartwarming debut novel that’s taken first-place honors in the Golden Heart and TARA contests. Cowboy Chase Logan has been in plenty of tough situations, but pretending to be the husband of a recent widow and father to her adopted children is the most difficult job he’s had yet.

•Sounds great, Caroline. I can’t wait to read it. Since you’ve just gone through the initial euphoria of getting a contract offer and the resulting return to reality that soon follows, what advice would you offer others who have yet to receive that monumental call about how to prepare themselves for life as a published author?

I don’t think you can be prepared. It’s just too unbelievable! Just enjoy being a newbie. Enjoy every second!!

•Caroline, it’s been great having you back at Romance Writers on the Journey to share your wonderful news with us. And now, I invite your visitors to ask you any questions they have about your sale, your debut novel and what life is like after receiving that long-awaited contract offer. And to shower you with well wishes.

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I’m holding a drawing for a quality metal bookmark, which you can use to mark your place when you read your copy of Where the Wind Blows. I’ll conduct the drawing the evening of Nov. 9.

Congratulations to Farrah Rochon, winner of the drawing!

Caroline Fyffe drawing prize

The elegant brass bookmark, reads, “‘Never, never, never quit’ – Winston Churchill.”

Learn More About Caroline

Visit her blog, In the Nicker of Time


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44 Responses to Saturday Special: Caroline Fyffe Sold!

  1. ~Caroline says:

    Thank you Deborah,
    I’ve been enjoying everything to the max–and then some!

    Take care,

  2. ~Caroline says:

    I had a HHRW entry but it was my other western, The McCutcheons. Those other contests I didn’t enter. I guess it will stay a mystery…

  3. Caroline,

    How I LOVE to hear “the call” stories! I’m so very excited for you, and cannot wait for your release! I also adore loner cowboys, so you had me from the start.

    Keep celebrating! You deserve it :0)


  4. Pat says:

    Caroline, I’m so proud of all my 007 sisters! And I’ll bet sharing your “call” with your real sisters made it even more special. YAY!!! Way to go, girlfriend. {{{Hugs}}}

  5. Caroline, what a great call story. Congratulations on your sale. Enjoy the experience!

  6. ~Caroline says:

    Good morning Renee!

    I’m so happy to hear that you adore loner cowboy stories! I hope there are others out there that feel the same. Being so new it still feels strange that “others” will be reading it! Whew!! You are very sweet.

    Thanks for your comment….

  7. ~Caroline says:

    Guten Morgen Pat~~

    Thank you for coming by—again! I do appreciate it very much!!

    You are so right about sharing that special moment with my sisters! It was wonderful!!! It just so happens that God always puts us together at very significant times. We were together when my second son was born, my mother passed away, my sister passed away and now for this hugely event in my life. I don’t think that these are coincidences~~~<3

    {{{Hugs to YOU!}}}

  8. ~Caroline says:

    Thanks so much, Helen,
    I’m enjoying every second!

    Thanks for coming by…

  9. Theresa says:

    Hi Caroline! Hi Keli!

    Better late than never, I guess!!! I was at a luncheon for author for the National Kidney Foundation. It was wonderful.

    Love hearing your excitement, Caroline. You’ve worked hard and you earned it. I printed off the editor’s name in BIG print and I’ve been saying her name for at least a month now! lol! No answer yet… one of these days though!

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. ~Caroline says:

    Never too late for YOU! Hi!! My father only has one kidney, so I’m glad you were there. I need to get more involved…

    I’m so glad you’re doing the name thing. I’m sure things are going to happen soon!!! And, when it does, you will be knocked off your feet with surprise, just like I was.

    Thanks for coming by!

  11. Keli Gwyn says:

    Caroline, it’s been great having you back at Romance Writers on the Journey to celebrate your sale. Nice to see so many drop by to join in on the fun.

    It’s time to announce the winner of the drawing for the beautiful brass bookmark: Farrah Rochon. Congratulations, Farrah!

  12. Hi Caroline,

    What a super call story! I’m so happy for you and your first sale!! Plus, as a member of TARA, I’m doubly proud that our contest helped in your journey.

    Congrats again!!

  13. JulieLeto says:

    Another TARA member here, thrilled that our contest helped align your stars so that your book will see publication! Congratulations and best wishes for your continued success!

  14. Anne-Marie Carroll says:

    Hi, Caroline.

    Well, another TARA member and TARA contewt chair. lol

    I was honored to speak to you personally to congratulate you for not only your TARA win, but also on your sale. I’m thrilled your TARA win helped set the path to your publication. I’ll always remember your excitement. Go girl. Congrats. May all your dreams come true.

  15. Anne-Marie Carroll says:

    Oops, meant contest. lol

  16. ~Caroline says:

    Hi Carla,
    It was a fabulous day when she called! It will be in my heart forever…

    I so enjoyed meeting you at conference this year. I have to tell everyone what a beautiful web-site you have. It was even before I knew you and you and I have the same web designer and I was showing yours to her because I loved it so much.

    To me the TARA is the ultimate contest!! The best of all!

    Hope to see you soon!

  17. ~Caroline says:

    Thanks so much for coming by, Julie~~

    Any TARA member is a very good friend of mine. Your well wishes are deeply appriciated!!!

    Take care,

  18. ~Caroline says:

    Hi Anne-Marie~~
    I will NEVER forget the day we spoke. I can remember it exactly the way it was, in my kitchen, astounded!!! And the fact Leah wanted it e-mailed! That was so exciting!!

    Thanks for being the wonderful person you are and being so excited for me!!! U R great!


  19. ~Caroline says:

    Thank YOU, Keli! It’s been wonderful being here and sharing my story with my friends. I love your blog and what you do for writers on their journey. I know others love this blog as well. Keep up the great work…..!!!

    Congratulations, Farrah on winning the inspirational bookmark!!


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