Meet Debut Author Linore Rose Burkard

Linore Rose BurkardLinore Rose Burkard creates Inspirational Romance for the Jane Austen soul. Her characters take you back in time to experience life and love during the Regency England era (circa 1800 – 1830).

Linore’s books include her debut novel, Before the Seasons Ends, and The House in Grosvenor Square, which will be released in April 2009. Her stories blend Christian faith and romance with well-researched details from the Regency period. Experience a romantic age, where timeless lessons still apply to modern life. And, enjoy a romance that reminds you happy endings are possible for everyone.

I learned about Linore on the American Christian Fiction Writers loop. In addition, I’d seen a number of blog posts regarding her and her debut novel that captured my attention because, as you’ll see in her interview, her journey to publication is unlike that of many authors.

I’m giving away one copy of Before the Season Ends. You could also enter to win a First Sale Scrapbook. See drawing details at the end of the interview.

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•Linore, your debut novel has generated a great deal of buzz in Cyberspace. A big reason is that Before the Season Ends was originally self-published. Why did you choose to publish the book yourself, and how did you market it at that point?

I didn’t feel the need to have an editor’s approval, and I was too naïve of the publishing industry to realize the bias against self-publishers, so I went ahead and did it. Then, I spent the next two years plus, learning to create an online presence and market the book.

•Your marketing efforts paid off in a big way. An editor at Harvest House found Before the Season Ends while surfing the Internet and contacted you. Would you share with us the unique story of how you went from self-published author to one with a contract from a well-known house?

Actually, you just said it in a nutshell. My editor was looking for regency fiction and said he “kept running into me and my book all over the web.” When you’ve been working for more than two years to get that web presence, those are pretty neat words to hear. That was the start—he invited me to send him my book, which I did, and then he took it to committee for me. That ended in my getting contracts for two books, the second of which (The House in Grosvenor Square) will be out in April.

•Did your editor ask you to make many changes to your story before Harvest House published it? I’ve read the new version and understand it includes a chapter not in the original. Was that his idea or yours?

The extra chapter was my idea, and I would say that my editor mostly just cleaned up some sloppy punctuation. But the new edition gave me an opportunity most writers dream of—which is, getting to go back into their book and change things they want changed. After doing more research, I made the “language of faith” more authentic to the regency; no small matter. And we got to add a glossary (my editor’s idea); and we added reading group discussion questions, which really add to the book’s value. They give readers the chance to examine the themes of faith and trust, and to see ways those themes apply to their own lives.

•Another reason Before the Season Ends has garnered so much attention is that you did something that hadn’t been done before. You wrote an Inspirational Regency. What led you to write a story set in this period? How important are the faith elements to the plot?

I fell in love with the regency from Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer. I loved it so much that I wanted to read an inspirational romance with that setting, but I couldn’t find one anywhere. Then, one day when I was reading what I hoped would be an inspirational regency, it occurred to me that I would have to write it myself. So I wrote the book I really wanted to read. I wasn’t even thinking of publication at that point.

•Having read and enjoyed Before the Season Ends, I join the many reviewers who’ve remarked about the incredible amount of historic detail you wove into the story. A reader truly does feel as if she’s been transported to Regency England. How much time do you devote to research and how do you go about it?

Thank you, Keli, but I’m not that methodical, or consistent. I research what I need to research to write the scene or story I want to write. After that, I do reading—I don’t really think of it as research, just reading for fun, but I learn a lot that way, too. So, I can’t really answer your question. But I do avail myself of whatever resources I come across that I can afford. And I usually always research far more than I need to know for the story—that’s a weakness of mine, and probably lots of writers. We just enjoy the stuff and wish we could cram it all in!

•Many of my blog guests, like me, are not-yet-published writers. We hear so often the cautions against breaking the “rules.” You, however, did something rarely done today. You wrote using the omniscient POV. You give the reader insights into the thoughts and motivations of the vast majority of your characters, something those of us adhering to the use of limited POVs aren’t able to do. What led to your choice of this POV, and what did your publisher say about your use of it? What would you say to not-yet-contracted writers considering its use?

I would never tell a writer what POV to use for their story, but at the same time, I wouldn’t tell them not to use one if it’s their natural voice. I didn’t ask myself, “Gee, what POV should I use?” I just write that way, no matter what story I’m telling, or what time period. I think it’s more a matter of how you see the story unfolding as the writer, and I see mine as movies. In a movie, you can pretty much tell how most of the important people in any given scene are feeling, if you’re supposed to know. That’s how I write.

My editor (or copy editor) does sometimes change my POVs, but for the most part, as long as the reader can easily follow the story, they leave it as is. Again, it’s a matter of what works, not what rules you’re following or not following.

Before the Season Ends•Would you please tell us a little about Before the Season Ends and what we can look forward to in the sequel, The House in Grosvenor Square?

Before the Season Ends is a story of innocence versus the roguish hero; it’s a tale of sticking to convictions when the whole world tells you not to; and it’s a happy ending that seems like it will never happen, but does. It’s got humour and romance and a couple of good twists and turns, and an ending to sigh for. (How’s that for a teaser without giving away everything?)

The House in Grosvenor SquareThe sequel (The House in Grosvenor Square) takes place in the two weeks before a big wedding (I won’t say whose). A lot of strange goings-on, and some close calls, and two ruffians with a grudge. It’s a bit more suspenseful, but the ending actually has three couples tying the knot—I don’t think any romance lover will be disappointed!

•And now a question just for fun. I understand you like gardening, and I know you like England. If a generous benefactor were to finance a two-week trip to the Old Country, which places would you most like to explore and what gardens or grounds would be on your must-see list?

Oh, bliss—a two-week tour to England, already financed? Actually, it isn’t the gardens I’d be heading for. I’d want to see the Jane Austen Centre in Bath, and visit the places where Jane lived; and the Brighton Pavilion, and anything that was around during the Regency in the West End. I’d love any of the places they call “Literary England,” the home of Dickens, or Wordsworth, or the Brontes. And I’m sure I’d spend at least an entire day in the British Museum. After that, bookshops and stores. Libraries would be a luxury, too.

It’s been great having you as my guest, Linore. And now, in closing, is there a final comment you’d like to make or a question you’d like to ask?

I do want readers to know that I have some wonderful reader’s resources on my website. Especially if you’re new to the time period, you’ll love these fabulous resources—and they’re free!

I’d also love to know whether readers think I should do a third book in the series; say, let Beatrice have her “day”? (Beatrice is Ariana Forsythe’s younger sister.) Let me know your thoughts!

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11 Responses to Meet Debut Author Linore Rose Burkard

  1. Margay says:

    I would love to win this book! I’ve read the buzz in Cyberspace and I’m intrigued.

    Margay1122 (at) aol (dot) com

  2. Sherrinda says:

    I cannot wait to get my hands on your book! I have read regencies for a couple of decades (because they are a fairly “clean” read) and to have one from a Christian perspective is a dream come true. Like you, I have thought I should just write one myself, but since you have paved the way, I will just relax, kick my feet up, and enjoy your work! Keep ’em coming!

  3. Susan Mason says:

    Hi Linore,

    Nice to meet you. I’d never heard of your book(s) before but now am very intrigued. I love both of your covers!

    Thanks for sharing your story. It’s inspiring to hear how everyone has a different path to publication.

    Best of luck with your career. Sounds like it’s off to a great start!


  4. Caroline says:

    Hi Linore,
    Your road to being a published author is very interesting. I’ll bet you were thrilled when the editor from Harvest House called. Congratulations!!

    Your books sound wonderful and your covers are, too. I wish you tons of successes in the years to come!!

    PS~Hi Keli!!

  5. Anne Barton says:

    Hi, Linore–thanks for sharing your story. Your path to publication is inspiring, and I love that you made good things happen with sheer talent, will, and determination. Congrats!

    I’m a fan of the Regency era, so I’ll definitely check out your book. I esp. like the title “Before the Season Ends.” 🙂

    Great interview, Keli!


  6. C.J. Redwine says:

    Definitely do the third book in the series. I love when an author takes a secondary character whom I’ve grown attached to and gives me her story!

  7. Keli Gwyn says:

    It’s been great having you as my guest, Linore. And, yes, by all means write the third book. That way I can enjoy more of your great story and characters.

    Thanks so much to each of you who stopped by and especially to those who left a comment for Linore.

    I’ve held the drawing, and Sherrinda is the winner of a copy of Linore’s debut novel, Before the Season Ends. Congrats, Sherrinda! I’ll be in touch.

  8. Sherrinda says:

    Whooohoo! I have never won anything online before and am just thrilled!

    Keli, I love the blog and just recently found it and added it to my google reader and have read up on the backlist. Road to publication stories are fun to read, to see how God paves a different road for each author. Thanks for providing such fun!

  9. Man, how did I miss this? I’ve heard so much about this book! What a cool story.
    🙂 About the pov, I’m reading a Lavyrle Spencer book for the first time and noticed she uses a lot of omniscient pov. I like how Linore says to use what works. Very true.
    I’m looking forward to reading this book! Thanks for the great interview.

  10. Thanks for having me here, Keli! (My book and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay.)
    Thank you, too, commenters! C.J., thanks for your opinion on doing the third in the series, (and you too, Keli) and thanks Margay, Sherrinda, Susan, Caroline and Ann, for your kind comments. Sherrinda, I’m glad you won the book. And Jessica, (and others) please stop by my website and check my calendar for more chances to win the book.


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