Meet Debut Author Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan describes herself as the “average American woman.” In one area, however, she’s anything but. Her love of Pride and Prejudice knows no bounds, as the title of her debut novel proves. Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One, the first book in her Darcy Saga, was released by Sourcebooks on March 1, 2009. She’s contracted for an additional four titles.

Sharon is a native Californian currently living amongst the orchards, cotton, corn and cows of the sunny and hot San Joaquin Valley. She’s been married to her own version of Mr. Darcy for over 23 years. Their daughter is in college and their son in high school. A cat, a dog, and a ton of fish round out the picture.

By profession, Sharon is a Registered Nurse. For the bulk of her twenty-five-year career, she’s specialized in Neonatal Intensive Care. She adores the tiny babies and thrills at the excitement of high adrenaline in a field she finds incredibly rewarding.

When not at the hospital or attending to the oft times dreary tasks of homemaking, Sharon is generally found reposing in her comfy recliner with her faithful laptop. She somehow finds time to read books written by other authors, see the occasional movie, keep up on her favorite TV shows, teach preschoolers at her church and enjoy the life gifted to her.

Join me as we learn more about Sharon and her journey to publication.

Sharon Lathan

Sharon’s Journey Begins

•Your journey is unique. Unlike many writers, you didn’t harbor a burning desire to tell stories. In fact, your desire to write wasn’t sparked until Thanksgiving 2005. What happened at that time?

It is still somewhat of a mystery to me! I saw Joe Wright’s adaptation of Pride and Prejudice starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen, absolutely loved it, and before I gave the miracle any serious thought, I was writing fan fiction! Everything about that movie, from a cinematic standpoint, is brilliant to me. It touched me in a way no movie ever has and utterly captured my heart. I talk about this at length on my website, so won’t bore your readers here!

•Wow! Sounds like you were seriously smitten with Darcy. You’re in good company. Jane Austen’s hero has secured a spot in many a romance reader’s heart. What did you do with your newfound love?

Indeed, I was smitten with Mr. Darcy! LOL! But of course it wasn’t just him. As amazing as Matthew’s portrayal of this iconic character is, it was the entire story that overwhelmed me. Specifically in how it was brilliantly captured on film, but also in how the original was written. I fell in love with Austen, the world of Regency England, and romance all in one fell swoop. The story of happily-ever-after could not be contained inside my brain and heart, so I wrote. The online community of JAFF (Jane Austen Fan Fiction) gave me the confidence to tell my vision, the place to share it, and the support to keep going.

•I understand a day came when you realized you had more to say than could be dealt with in a few chapters and decided to write a book. When did this take place and what were your feelings at the time?

Originally, it was simply a matter of necessity. The dozen chapters/short stories I had written were following a pattern and needed a cohesive name. Two Shall Become One was my first title, but I did not think of it as a “book” for a very long time. And by then I had enough material for three books! As you said before, my journey is a bit unique. Frankly I was totally clueless.

Sharon’s Process

•Any writer must perform research, especially one writing stories set in another time and place. How did you go about conducting yours? Do you do most of your research before you start your stories or on an as-needed basis?

It has largely been on an as-needed basis. By nature I am not a halfway kind of gal, so I never wrote a single word without carefully considering and researching it. But in the early days of just having fun, I wasn’t as precise. My innate love of history aided me over time. The more I read, the more I loved the Regency world. The more I learned, the more I poured into my writing. What I learned took the story into organic directions, but there were also many rewrites of early material!

•You face a major challenge. Your story centers on characters beloved for nearly two hundred years. How much time did you spend getting to know Austen’s stories and characters before beginning your saga? Do you add characters of your own?

I have gradually found the balance in respecting and following Austen’s creation while also forming my own interpretation and world. It is indeed a tremendous challenge that all JAFF writers face. But in the end these characters become mine; the unique story is mine; the voice is mine. I am not Jane Austen. I am Sharon Lathan. And, yes, I have a load of characters created entirely by me.

Soaring to the Heights

•You met with some success early in your foray into fan fiction. How did the favorable feedback of your online Austen-ophile buddies come into play?

It was the 100% incredible, overwhelming positivity that kept me going. I have hundreds of devoted fans, many who are now dear friends, whose constancy lifted me up above my doubts and the criticism.

•After several unsuccessful attempts to sell your saga, you decided to self-publish. What led to this decision, and how did it feel to see your books “out there?”

Ignorance of the business was the biggest impetus to self-publish. That and a lingering self-doubt due to how suddenly my desire to write hit me. I honestly figured it was just a fluke! Why not get this epic I had written out there for a few folks who would want a book in their hands rather than on a computer screen? And, I am a very impatient, take-charge, STAT kind of woman. I have to confess, seeing your hard work in a bound form, no matter how it gets that way, is thrilling beyond words.

•Although you’d given up hope of attracting the attention of a traditional publisher, you had a wonderful surprise in store. On June 25, 2007, Deb Werksman of Sourcebooks-Casablanca called to make you an offer. However, I understand you almost slept through The Call. Please share this story complete with the sensory detail and emotions we writers love.

The complete story? LOL! OK: The two emails received from Deb (before she read the manuscript) were positive, but the honest truth is that I never really expected her to say yes.

On the day in question, I had worked the night before and was sound asleep. Now, after 20 years on the night shift, my kids know that they are NEVER to wake me unless, 1- the house is on fire, or 2- a limb has been severed! So my daughter dutifully took the message, writing it on the frig board.

By a total bizarre, or I think Divine, coincidence, my husband came home for lunch that day. This is a very rare occurrence, mind you, as he works 30 minutes from home. He took one look at the message and started shouting. “Did you wake Mom?!” When the answer was a decided, “Are you kidding me? Wake Mom and face instant death?” he rushed into the bedroom screaming and thrusting an already ringing phone at my ear.

Well, I was largely incoherent, but I do vividly recall Deb saying, “I love your book and want to publish it.” Luckily she repeated it many times and we still laugh over how insane I was in our first conversation!

•You’ve received some glowing reviews. Which have meant the most to you?

They are all so special to me that I am not sure I can pinpoint any one. In general, it is simply knowing that my tale of happiness and positive life has brought a measure of joy to a reader. I love it when a reader “gets it” – that is, they comprehend that I love these characters and only want to give them the life I believe Jane would have wanted for them. I want the reader to feel warm, hopeful, and satisfied when they finish my book, and most people do. This author asks for nothing more.

Plunging to the Depths

•Between your online success and your sale to Sourcebooks, you dealt with rejection. You’d even given up on going the traditional route. What was life like in this down time? Did disappointment stem the creative flow, or were you able to change your strategy quickly and remain productive?

There were many rough patches, I cannot deny that. There still are tough times. And, yes, the creative flow has been dampened. But never for long because I am unbelievably stubborn! And I know in my heart that what I have written, and what I am still writing, is worthy and good.

•While you have some readers who can’t say enough good things about your story, you also have those who have taken serious issue with your interpretation of Austen’s characters and their futures as depicted in your books. Receiving those one-star reviews on Amazon had to hurt. How do you deal with such harsh feedback? Who or what sustains you through your tough times?

I will never understand negative, nasty, hurtful people. I will never understand “fans” of Austen who want to see her beloved characters miserable. And I never want to. It hurts, absolutely, but I recognize it for what it is. And then it makes me more determined to spread light, happiness, the concept of marital affinity, and romance into a world that desperately needs it. I am sustained by my faith, my family support, and the far larger community of decent people who love my work.

Partners on Sharon’s Journey

•Unlike many writers, you don’t have a dedicated critique partners. What you do have is a staggering number of cyber friends, fans and fellow writers who have enthusiastically embraced you and your stories. How did you come to have such a strong, supportive following? How do you maintain so many online relationships?

My “following” comes from the truths I have held as stated in some of the questions above. More people want to read a happy story. That is why romance is the top selling genre across the literary market and why sales are up over 40% even in these economic down times. And the truth is that I have reaped an immeasurable benefit by conversing and being open with my readers. I am honestly a nice person! And there are uncountable numbers of people out there as nice or nicer than me! I love meeting people and making friends. It is totally the bomb!

•I’ve heard becoming a Sourcebooks-Casablanca author is like joining a new family. What are some blessings of being one of this group of talented writers?

One, the support and awareness that I am not alone. I can’t stress how important that is. Second, being introduced to the world of romance reading, not my previous preferred genre. Man, Casablanca has some smoking hot writers! Third, the friendships. I truly, down to my toes, love these gals and am so honored to call them my friends. But the thing is, it is the whole romance writing community. It is a “family” that is so supportive of each other as a whole. It is staggering.

Sharon’s Journey Continues

•You’ve sold five books to Sourcebooks. How many are in your editor’s hands? Which book are you working on now?

The first four are complete and with Deb. The first three are totally done with the editing process, but the fourth has not yet been read by Deb. That will happen soon since the release of The Family Darcy: Seasons of Romance is set for Sept. of 2010. The fifth un-titled novel is about 2/3 done, but I have time as it is scheduled for a spring of 2011 release.

I am concurrently working on a novella that I can’t talk too much about yet, and a companion novel centering on Georgiana Darcy. Beyond that it is thoughts in my head, many of which I have discussed positively with Deb.

•What do you plan when these books are finished? Will the Darcy Saga continue?

I do hope so! As I said, I have a number of ideas for the Darcys and their various friends. I love the idea of writing more companion novels about secondary characters. But I also believe in keeping my options open and allowing inspiration to guide me. I could easily see myself writing historical novels not related to the Darcys, or maybe even a contemporary someday. Who knows?

Sharon’s Debut Novel

•Please tell us about Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy ~ Two Shall Become One. Since book two in your Darcy Saga, Loving Mr. Darcy ~ Journey Beyond Pemberley, is due out September 1, please tell us about it as well. And how about a teaser for book three while you’re at it.

Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam DarcyThe first novel is clearly the honeymoon stage! Not that I envision Lizzy and William ever not being passionately in love, but I think most of us know how it is in the early days of a relationship. *wink* It explores their relationship, but also the life of an estate during that time of history. The history is very important to me even while centering on the romance. It is a very leisurely walk, time taken to simply enjoy this new love and life together. Admittedly nothing of serious action occurs until toward the latter third when more characters arrive to upset the private honeymoon and then a villain raises his ugly head.




Loving Mr. DarcyLoving Mr. Darcy moves away from Pemberley, as the subtitle implies. History of the day is a driving force as they interact with dozens of people all over London, Hertfordshire, and Derbyshire. So much happens that I hardly know where to begin. My signature, if you will, is one of taking the reader along for the day-to-day events that shaped life in the Regency. The sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of that world are premiere with always the love between Lizzy and Darcy the foundation and theme. About six months is covered, this novel taking up immediately where the first ended.





The Darcys at Year's EndThe Darcys at Year’s End is the third book and will be released on Jan. 1, 2010. It takes up immediately where the second ends, continuing the one-year examination of Lizzy and William’s marriage. And, most importantly, we finally greet the Darcy newborn!

I have detailed synopses and excerpts at my website.



Five Facts About Sharon the Writer

~ I use a MacBookPro that I love! She is my baby. I move her from the comfy recliner to my desk depending on the mood.

~ I have no routine. My life as a nurse and mom and wife means I hit the writing whenever I can. And of course some of my best ideas come while in the car or asleep or sitting in the doctor’s office or at work. How annoying is that? I need an iPhone…

~ Research inspires whole plot points, although I have to be careful not to get lost. I love history and frequently forget what I was even searching for. Oh, and Wikipedia is my friend. 🙂 It gets me started before I hit Google or the over 100 bookmarked sites.

~ I am seriously in love with the thesaurus. More than my Mac! Well, it is a toss up. I love vocabulary and always have. Many minutes are lost searching for just the right word, and tears have been shed when I find out the perfect word did not exist in the early 1800s!

~ I write instinctively and organically. I do not believe in “rules” but in writing what comes natural born out of what I love to read. Art is about diversity and finding ones own gift.

Five Fun Facts About Sharon the Person

~ I adore being a nurse and adore my babies. Big patients scare me! Gotta have them under ten pounds, preferably four pounds or less.

~ Until recently I rarely read romance. I am a sci-fi/fantasy nut! I have a cat named after a wizard and a dog named after another fav character. I have one whole room decorated with Lord of the Rings movie memorabilia, and more of it spilling out into the rest of the house.

~ Nothing in life is more important to me than my faith in Jesus. The church is central to who I am and my life. After that comes my family, specifically my husband and kids. My Mr. Lathan is truly my soul mate, so I know happily-ever-after comes true.

~ I grew up in the mountains where it snowed, a lot. And I hate the snow! Give me warmth any day. I was a total tomboy back in the day, climbing trees, riding motorbikes, building forts, etc. It was a great childhood.

~ I am actually quite shy. I was painfully so as a youngster, but have learned to overcome the trait. But stick me in a roomful of strangers and the wallflower me reemerges.

Sharon’s Question for You

•I’ve enjoyed having you as my guest, Sharon. Thanks for your great answers to my questions. And now it’s your turn to ask your visitors a question. What would you like to know?

Thank you so much for having me, Keli. I had a blast answering your questions.

OK, as we all now know, I am a believer in happy-ever-after and true love. But I know it comes in various forms and isn’t always the stuff of Cinderella fairytales. Yet if you think hard enough, I bet all of you, no matter what fate has dealt your heart, can think of at least one real-life tale of love. Maybe it is you or someone you know or even a family legend. Share with us a personal tale of true love.

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22 Responses to Meet Debut Author Sharon Lathan

  1. Keli Gwyn says:

    Welcome, Sharon! It’s great to have you as my guest at Romance Writers on the Journey.

    My favorite story of true love is my in-laws. They spent over fifty years loving one another through good times and bad. Like so many in their generation, they dealt with tough stuff: growing up during the Depression, early married life during World War II and then my mother-in-love’s fifteen year battle with breast cancer. Dad was bereft when we lost Mother and spent his last five years of life like a man lost. Their love endured and is an example to me to this day.

  2. Vee says:

    Great interview Keli!

    Sharon you give so much of yourself to this whole process, it is so easy to get caught up in all the joy and happiness your writing brings you and in turn all of us devoted readers.
    I hope this doesn’t sound too corny, but her goes….
    my love story is about P&P..I fell in love with P&P 29 years ago. The ending was superb BUT i wanted more so much more. I wanted to know how Lizzy and Darcy loved and lived together. I had all but given up hope that anyone could capture what I thought their life together would be like. Until Sharon Lathan’s first chapter.
    I was instantly in love with the dimension and depth she gave her characters. I fell in love with Darcy all over again.
    Everyone will love the continuing Saga as I have, “Loving Mr Darcy” is such an apt title for the second book, the journey my fav characters take is beyond anything I ever imagined for them and I am ever thankful to Sharon for sharing her talent with the world.
    TSBO devotee

  3. Margay says:

    Sharon, I truly enjoyed reading about your journey to publication and your writing process. The Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice is my absolute favorite, too – I watch it with my older daughter all the time. And is it just me, or has anyone else realized that she has the same last name as another Austen hero?

    My favorite happily ever after story is also about my in-laws. It’s a second marriage for both of them and they really take the “in sickness and in health” part seriously. They have stayed together through all of the trials and tribulations of raising kids, dealing with their issues (like alcoholism and drug abuse, which is a hard thing for any parent to recognize in their kids, I’m sure), and then having to deal with sickness -their own and that of their family members. In the past two decades, they have dealt with the illnesses and deaths of siblings and parents, nearly lost a granddaughter to a seizure disorder (my younger daughter; it was touch and go, but she out grew it) only to have that same granddaughter be diagnosed with bipolar disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome and now she has to have surgery on her back for scoliosis; have worried about that granddaughter’s mother, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis; and all the while, they’ve had their own medical issues to contend with. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with scleraderma about ten years ago and was losing all kinds of blood, so she had to keep getting transfusions. It was touch and go for awhile, she was declining fast, but then they put her on one of those prescription drugs for the blood and she made a total rebound. The only way you can tell that she’s ill is that her hands are crippled from the scleraderma. And not too long ago, her husband had a bout with cancer, which I’m glad to say, is over. And through it all, they have not only stayed together, they have stayed true to each other and the people they are. They have such a fun and loving relationship, I just love going over there to spend time with them and just watch the interaction between them.

    Margay1122 (at) aol (dot) com

  4. Keli Gwyn says:

    Hugs, Margay, on all you and your family have been through. Though times do bring out the best in many people, don’t they? Your in-laws have dealt with a lot, but so have you and your daughter. I hope all goes well with her upcoming surgery.

  5. Margay says:

    Thanks, Keli! But I realize, as hard as it is on the parents, it’s just as hard on the grandparents. They don’t want to see their grandkids suffer anymore than their own children, but must feel more helpless because they are one step removed from them and so they can’t help them as they would if they were caring for them themselves. I don’t know how my in-laws – or my own mother – do it.

  6. RobynL says:

    hi Sharon and welcome.

    My parents celebrated their 50th anniversary and went on to see the 53rd. Then Mom died from breast cancer and Dad passed away 2 yrs. later. They had 5 kids which included a set of twins(the first born, a boy and a girl; I am the girl). They had a Dairy farm where they milked many cows by hand, then mixed farmed with grain crops hailed out, not enough rain some years and had wells dug that didn’t produce water and lost much money. They were hard workers and made it through with the help of God. I sure miss them.

  7. Oh My! I was not expecting this until tomorrow! And already 6 comments!! How cool is that? Thanks Keli for this opportunity to share my vision of true love. I so appreciate it.

    And thank you for sharing the story of your in-laws. It is wonderful that we can have these examples in our lives to give us hope.

  8. Vee, How did you find this already? My website link hasn’t even posted yet! LOL!

    Thanks for your kind words. As always you bring a warm feeling to my heart. 🙂 I appreciate you sharing your love story as relating to my novels. You are the bomb! But, I also know for a fact that you and your hubby are a wonderful true-love story as well. You have found a version of Mr. Darcy as I have in this real world, and as much as we readers adore our literary heroes, the real ones with their flaws are truly who keep our hearts beating.

  9. Margay, Hello new FB friend! And thank you for popping over here and sharing that amazing story. OMG! My heart is so saddened by the tragedy. Yet what a remarkable testimony to the world about what it is to hold fast and the power of love. That is what folks need to understand: Love IS the most powerful force on earth. It can carry us through anything. I do pray your in-laws’ trials will lessen and fade, but it sounds like they have taught all of you a valuable life lesson.

  10. Hello Robyn. What a wonderful story. I love hearing of these long term relationships. They may be getting rarer these days, but they are out there. Thanks for giving us the proof.

    Aside from my own true love story with my husband – which anyone who visits my website will learn of – I have a number of examples I could cite. But I will tell you of my dad and his second wife. Sadly he and my mom did not beat the odds. But then he met Jackie. She had lost her first husband and was reluctant to remarry. Especially as my dad was a fireman at the time and the possibility of an accident is high in that line of work. She did not want to suffer another spousal loss. But he was persistent, as many Southern men are! He wore her down and they married after 8 years of dating! This was a true love story. They were together for some 25 years. Last year my sister and I visited, listening for hours as our dad spoke of his deep love for his wife and the crushing grief he felt while she lay dying of cancer, a grief still raw 6 months after her death. We all cried. It may not have been my mom he was meant to be with, and that is rather sad of course. But knowing that our dad had found that kind of love was moving beyond words. Yes, it does exist.

  11. Sheila says:

    Hi Sharon! I am an Austen fan as well, but I must say, that ever since I read your book, Mr. & Mrs. Fitwilliam Darcy, I have been on a non-stop JAFF kick! I have even had to read the original book and watch the 1995 & 2005 movies over again!

    As for a tale of true love, my husband and I met at church when the youth group I was in was performing a musical. One of the girls in the group invited her friend, who in turn, invited a friend, who then invited my (now) husband. We became friends and although he was enamored by me, I did not consider dating him as he was 2 years younger than me. He eventually wore me down and we began dating. After 6 months of dating, he proposed marriage. 7 months after his proposal we were married. In the beginning, many people did not think it would last because we were so young – I was 20, and he was 18.

    I am glad to say that they were wrong! This year we celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary! We have a 14 year old son and a (almost) 12 year old daughter who help round out our little family.

    I think that most often Love finds us when we aren’t looking – and that always seems to be the strongest of loves.

  12. Hi Sheila. Congratulations on 19 years! That is fabulous. You have beaten the odds on both longevity and the age factor. Bravo!

    I am so glad the my novel got you started on a JAFF kick. There are lots of good reads out there. Hope you will enjoy “Loving Mr. Darcy” as much!

  13. Jaclynn says:

    I think I’m one of Sharon’s biggest fans! I’m so hope she becomese even more sucessful with this next line of novels in this series and that she continues to write in the future! I will forever be a loyal buyer of her books.

  14. Thank you Jaclynn! How sweet of you! And of course I am hoping the same thing! LOL! Glad to see you here and I SO appreciate the support. 🙂

  15. Vee says:

    Great stories everyone! Thanks Sharon I guess I should mention poor old hubby of 26 years! He is a gem in his own way hehehe

    I checked under “Loving Mr Darcy” section on your Darcy Saga website for launch details. Look forward to more great interviews and reviews.

    Lots os love to you
    TSBO devotee

  16. Thanks again to Keli for the opportunity to start my launch activities here. It has been an honor! Sharon

  17. Quilt Lady says:

    Hi, I know I am checking in late but trying to get son ready to go back to college! These are some great stories but I would just pop in to say I have been married for 25 years now and my in-laws are about to about to have their 55 anniversary!

  18. Keli Gwyn says:

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

    I’ve held the drawing for the copy of Sharon’s debut novel, Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy ~ Two Shall Become One. Congrats to Robyn L! You’re the winner. I’ll be in touch.

  19. Congratulations RobynL! I am thrilled to be able to sign a copy of my debut novel for you. Thanks to all the gals who stopped by and to everyone who commented. It was so fun to start my blog tour here.

    Keli, a special thanks to you for the opportunity. It has been great!

    God bless to all, Sharon

  20. Renata Augusta says:

    Hello Sharon, I simply adore Jane Austen, and I’m very curious to read your books, I would like to ask if we Brazilians accordance with its magnificent books here in Brazil?!
    I hope your answer.


    Renata Augusta

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